Tax Calculations for Cryptocurrency Traders Made Easy

With one click creates an overview of your profits and losses on cryptocurrency. Our API-function allows for your tax to be calculated in real-time. has been developed in accordance with Danish regulation by leading experts.

Why Kryp.Tax? is the first and only application targeted Danish crypto-investors. The application is developed by leading experts in the field and adapted to case law from the Danish Tax Agency.


Import your data from leading exchanges. When your data is imported, automatically generates a report, which creates a complete overview of your profits and losses. You can choose to connect the program to your exchanges using the API-function. By doing so, you can update your report in real-time with one click. No more manual work!

6000+ CRYPTOCURRENCIES contains all cryptocurrencies, which are actively traded on the market. We are continuously updating the programme to make sure we are up to date with the newest cryptocurrencies. also has a historic database with information on cryptocurrencies, which is no longer traded on the market. We make sure that if you participated in an ICO back in 2017, you can add any profit and loss to your report.


We only work with fixed pricing. You can use as much as you want at no extra cost.


Everything on is anonymous. Your activity on is encrypted and we never store or ask for your personal data. No email is needed to sign up and you can pay with cryptocurrencies.

DEVELOPED BY LEADING DANISH EXPERTS is developed by the leading Danish cryptocurrency tax experts. will continuously be updated and adapted to the tax authorities’ case law to make sure you can trust your report.


With a few clicks you can create an account and import your data. Your data can either be imported using .CSV-files, which you download from your exchange, or using a API-access to your exchange. If you import your data using an API-access, you will never have to worry about importing any more data. will automatically update your report in real-time with only one click. We have made sure to create a guide so that it will be easy and simple to import your data, no matter what option you choose.


When your data is imported, automatically calculates your profits and losses on cryptocurrency. The programme applies the same calculation principles as the tax authorities so you do not have to worry about how to calculate taxes on staking or whether you report your profits and losses as a net amount or any other question you might have. All of this is taken care of by the report.

If you connect your account to your exchanges using API-integration, all you have to do is update your as you trade and you will have the latest tax calculations in real time.


When your data is imported, and has calculated your potential tax, you can download your own personal report. The report gives a complete picture of your profits and losses for you to report together with all the intermediate calculations.

We provide a complete and transparent overview of your transaction without worry and with the security that all calculations are done in accordance with the tax authorities’ guidelines.